Reduce Bottlenecks and Increase Throughput with Batch Picking

batch-picking-with-automated storage and retrieval increases throughput and productivity

When workers are picking one order at a time, it slows down their productivity because they are walking several miles a day traveling back and forth to SKU locations and the order processing area. Orders waiting for “one last SKU” to complete the order can cause bottlenecks. Bottlenecks also occur in manufacturing when production stops due to parts not available when needed. Automated Storage Retrieval Machines will reduce bottlenecks and increase throughput with batch picking by managing inventory levels and locating parts at the point of use. Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

increase throughput with automated storage retrieval machines

Efficient Picking with Automated Storage Retrieval Machines

By using Automated Storage Retrieval Machines, one worker fills multiple orders in just one pick rotation or cycle. This process is known as batch picking. Batch picking takes parts for several orders and consolidates the parts together in similar items for picking to increase throughput productivity. Automated Storage Retrieval Machines communicate with host computers to manage inventory stock counts, reorder points, and speed the picking process through “pick to light” features.

Furthermore, orders can be prioritized by importance and inventory availability to extend order cut-off times, which will allow your business to be more competitive and customer friendly. Automated Storage Retrieval Machines assist with batch picking by bringing parts automatically to the operator, instead of the operator traveling back and forth to parts’ locations. The automated machines becomes a system to manage inventory levels, improve picking speed, and ultimately eliminate bottlenecks in processing orders.

Benefits of Automated Storage Retrieval Machines and Batch Picking

horizontal automated storage retrieval machines

  • Increase picking speeds by up to 800%
  • Fulfill multiple orders at one time with a single picking transaction
  • Reduce bottlenecks in shipping & manufacturing
  • Extend order cutoff times to meet customer demand
  • Easily accommodate hot picks

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