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Last updated: June 06, 2019

Automated Returns Handling & Storage

automated returns handling horizontal carouselsOrder processing and shipping efficiency is important for any business, but what happens when a customer wants to return an order? An unmanageable returns process wastes time, labor, space, and money, and can quickly cause dissatisfaction with your customers. Automated returns handling with horizontal carousels and reverse logistics software provide a predictable and repeatable process that handles these complex tasks with the most efficiency. Click here to watch a video showing how the horizontal carousels work.

Horizontal Carousel Logistics Software

Many businesses have difficulty with handling returns after they have been received and inspected. Returns can quickly pile up in their temporary storage area; this requires more labor to manage, and sending someone to physically return an item to stock is time-consuming. Employees can also become fatigued from excessive walking, which increases the risk of injury or errors.

Horizontal carousels and reverse logistics software provide a combined solution for faster and automated returns handling with less labor and fewer errors. Instead of manually storing returned items, the operator places the item on a tote in the horizontal carousel. The carousel then automatically routes the return to the automated sorting area. Pick and put lights direct the operator to the exact location of stored items needed, while the integrated reverse logistics software provides continuous real-time communication with the existing warehouse management system.

horizontal carousels reverse logistics software

Since there is no need for aisles and rows of shelving for storage, the horizontal carousels can drastically reduce the amount of space required for returns handling areas. Employees no longer have to travel long distances to retrieve items since they are brought directly to them at the push of a button. The horizontal carousel's highly configurable design allows personalized solutions that fit your exact needs. With horizontal carousels and logistics software, you can expect:

  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Reduced returns handling time
  • Reduced labor required for returns processing
  • Reduced floorspace required to house return items
  • Fast and simple order sorting
  • Higher customer satisfaction with faster crediting and handling

Click here to learn more about automated storage and logistics software.

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