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How much time and money are you losing with manual picking versus automated order picking? Is your warehouse’s method of storage and product placement slowing you down? Many warehouses suffer from decreased productivity due to random product placement and labeling inefficiencies, unclear picking paths, manual order checking, sorting, and replenishment, etc. Automated order picking for ASRS systems can increase your warehouse productivity and guarantee rapid, accurate order processing. Click here to learn more about ASRS storage.

ASRS automated order picking systems

Automated Picking for automated storage & retrieval (aSRS) systems

ASRS systems for rapid accurate order picking

Since items are delivered directly to the operator, automated order picking allows operators to perform at maximized productivity and efficiency. Automated order picking greatly reduces time spent traveling and searching through manual shelving systems. This means that what required several workers now only takes one for the same volume of orders, allowing you to reduce labor by 2/3 or maintain current labor levels and increase throughput and picking capacities.

The automated order picking system also increases picking accuracy, leading to less mispicks and more rapid and accurate order processing for increased productivity and customer satisfaction. And since the ASRS systems are ergonomic and eliminate the need for excessive bending and twisting, they also greatly reduce costs associated with worker’s compensation. In addition, the ASRS systems are easy to use and require little extra training, meaning workflow is not halted when one worker is absent.

other benefits of rapid, accurate order processing with automated order picking

ASRS rapid accurate order processing and picking

There are many other additional benefits of implementing an ASRS system for rapid and accurate order processing in warehouses, including:

  • Reduce floor space costs
  • Increase manufacturing capacity
  • Reduce picking time and costs
  • Reduce costs of mispicks
  • Increase picking accuracy
  • Create safe and ergonomic working environments
  • Easily integrated hoists, lifts, carts
  • Fulfill multiple orders at once
  • Reduce shipping and manufacturing bottlenecks
  • Maximize productivity even during peak hours

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