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Last updated: May 14, 2018

Audio visual adjustable shelf carts keep valued electronics safe

audio visual adjustable shelf carts safety straps school tv vcr storage mobileAudio visual adjustable shelf carts with safety straps provide school TV and VCR storage with mobile flexibility to promote learning in the classroom and beyond. Durable, secure and adaptive components combine to create a versatile solution with the strength to keep valued electronics safe while in transit. Users can make changes to the middle shelf on 2" increments and set it in up to five positions to accommodate assorted materials and equipment. This includes tapes or videos that have educational value and align with the academic curriculum.

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Ample open space in between shelves allows air to flow, keeping equipment cool and ventilated to prevent ineffective performance when in use. It also ensures users have visible access to stored materials, helping speed retrieval and use. Electronics sit facing front while tapes and other materials get stored standing up to ease recognition when users need access.

Features for affordable audio visual adjustable shelf carts

The audio visual adjustable shelf carts have many attractive features that add value while helping costs low to ensure affordability. These include:

  • Designed to support up to 35"TV / monitor and other A/V equipment.
  • All three shelves measure 36 1/2"W x 26"D x 3/4"H and provide ample space to store and organize valued equipment and materials.
  • Middle shelf adjustable on 2" increments and can accommodate as many as five position changes, ensuring users can adapt space based on needs.
  • Units include standard safety strap and 4-outlet power module.
  • Rugged steel frame construction with attractive perforated leg detail adds pleasing aesthetics. All threaded, metal-to-metal connections.
  • Standard 3" diameter casters, two locking provide safe transportability
  • Systems have a 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Standard Finishes: Black frame with reversible Anthracite/Folkstone surfaces provide a sleek and polished look.

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