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Last updated: March 22, 2019

Organized school athlete supply wall storage 

team garment shelves basketball bin racks

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School athlete supply wall storage with team garment shelves and basketball or volleyball bin racks keep equipment and apparel organized. It spans floor to ceiling and occupies an underused area to maximize space and ensure ergonomic access. Users retrieve items as needed without injury or error, ensuring safer handling and efficient picking. Units' open design allows efficient airflow to keep stored items clean and ready to wear whenever needed.

Team garment shelves & basketball or volleyball bins racks

volleyball athlete supply wall storagePile folded items in a stacking capacity on the team garment shelves and basketball or volleyball bin racks to maximize space use. Everything looks neat, clean and readily accessible whenever users need it. Fold clothing to ensure it has fewer wrinkles or creases and lasts longer. Facilities then avoid spending money on new gear and have the budget to meet other departmental needs.

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