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ambulance fire station pick pack supply bin shelvingExperts used the same adaptive storage to create ambulance and fire station pick and pack supply bin shelving and EMS radio charging stations. As a specialized solution with remarkable flexibility, users can customize it to meet unique changing needs. Adding or removing affordable accessories does not require tools or fasteners, making system configuration now and in the future easy. Facilities can use the same unit over a longer period to maximize the initial investment and save money.

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Ambulance & fire station pick & pack bin shelving

The ambulance and fire station pick and pack bin shelving includes space-efficient containers that span from end to end and stack three levels high to maximize capacity. The strategic spacing between rows allows clean airflow to ensure items heat sealed in plastic bags avoid getting damaged or covered with dust. The components provide a safe and clean storage environment that allows users ready access to sanitary life-saving materials.

ems radio charging stationsExterior labels help keep everything organized, making it easier to find in an emergency when every moment counts. Built-in work surfaces provide convenient space to store ambulance transport bags during supply retrieval. It helps ease material handling and transfer from one area to another, ensuring hygienic use.

Organized EMS radio charging stations

The EMS radio charging stations have ample shelf space to store and organize assorted equipment. Systems stand against a wall to save space, allowing users to stand close enough and avoid injury while handling electronics that have full power. Personnel starting or coming off shifts can retrieve or return supplies without physical discomfort. It provides a safer alternative to leaving the items in unoccupied rigs and more susceptible to theft.

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