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Adjustable wire rack shelving with plastic bins allows space-efficient organization

adjustable wire rack shelving plastic binsAdjustable wire rack shelving with plastic bins create small parts and supply picking storage that promotes cleanliness and provides efficient space to organize items. Durable, high-quality containers have ample capacity to store miscellaneous medical, electronic and industrial materials. Adding optional casters allows users to convert static configurations to carts with the mobile flexibility to transport items. Experts advise users not to add the components to 12" and 14" units.

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The adjustable wire rack shelving uses many plastic bins that range in size to accommodate users storage needs. Combine the two and create a more efficient solution with the capacity to keep items organized and clean. Users can tilt the containers while on shelving to ensure higher visibility and ergonomic access to stored items. It allows personnel to reach inventory easier and faster while helping to reduce handling errors during retrieval, ensuring more efficient workflow.

Placing one within another when empty allows users to save space while promoting better use of the area. Waterproof and corrosion-free, users can depend on each to protect stored items from moisture and rust damage. They're made from injection molded polypropylene and have a molded-in label holder designed to ease content recognition.

Features for adjustable wire rack shelving

small parts supply picking storageThe adjustable wire rack shelving includes many features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. These include:

Construction: Made from industrial-grade chrome wire that prevents dust and debris from building up to promote cleanliness.

Posts: Chrome posts measure 1" in diameter, 74" high with adjustable foot levelers.

Shelves: All-welded wire shelves allow air circulation, light penetration for better visibility, and minimal dust accumulation. Each can accommodate adjustments on 1" centers, allowing users to create optimal storage conditions.

Shelf Weight Capacity: Shelves up to 48" long have an 800 lbs. weight load capacity; shelves 60" and wider have a 600 lbs. weight load capacity (based on an evenly distributed, non-impact loads).

Options: Units can feature 5" swivel non-marring casters with donut bumpers (two casters include brakes) that ensure safe transportability while protecting walls. Casters use not recommended on 12" and 14" deep units.

Installation: Assembles with a rubber mallet to ease installation and speed use

Accreditation: National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved.

Warranty: One-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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