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Last updated: January 02, 2019

Flexible recycled book collection display storage carts

adjustable library shelf trucksAdjustable library shelf trucks provide recycled book collection display storage carts with flexible space to keep donated reading materials organized. Systems have a double-sided design that allows more user access. Patrons can browse and retrieve stored items on one side while staff organizes newer donations on the other, increasing efficiency.

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As a space-saving mobile solution, personnel can move full systems close to the front door during busier times to encourage browsing from the public. Then relocate it to staff-accessible areas such as backrooms during closing to speed cleanup and restocking. Stored items have no space between one another to maximize use and stand with spines facing out to ease title reading.

Attractive adjustable library shelf trucks

The adjustable library shelf truck can have laminate tops and sides that provide a clean and attractive look. Use the counter space as temporary storage while sorting through recent donations during restocking. Then turn the portable systems until able to access the other side and replenish it with public donations. It prevents staff from reaching through to the empty side and damaging collections or injuring themselves.

recycled book collection display storage cartsAs an alternative, patrons can use the same area to facilitate referencing when trying to decide between reading materials. Then return unwanted items to the shelves, rather than leaving everything in a disorganized mess.

Construction: Made from steel construction durable enough to provide long-lasting, reliable service.

Top Options: Made from sturdy steel or attractive laminate materials that provide a clean and aesthetically-pleasing look.

Casters: Systems include two rigid and two 4" swivel poly casters with brakes that provide safe transportability during space-saving relocation.

Shelves: The two middle shelves can accommodate adjustments on 1-1/2" increments, allowing users to create optimal storage conditions.

Capacity: Units can support up to 1000 lbs.

Assembly: Assembly required.

Warranty: Ten-year manufacturer's limited warranty on steel shelving. Three-year manufacturer's limited warranty on casters.

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