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Last updated: April 10, 2018

Adjustable basket mail carts promote ergonomics for efficient productivity

adjustable basket mail cartsAdjustable basket mail carts create ergonomic mobile storage for package distribution and delivery. Units feature high-quality material construction with the versatility to accommodate changes based on facility needs and user comfortability preferences. It ensures users avoid personal injury and can collect, sort, and hand out parcels to colleagues with more efficiency to speed productivity.

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Adjustable height handles with ergonomic foam grips allow those handling the mobile storage to work in total comfort. Users can manage package distribution and delivery with efficient physical ease and minimize stress on the body while moving in a way that feels natural. Oversize rear wheels provide effortless navigation around obstacles and over barriers such as elevator floor rails. Bumper molding around the perimeter of the base platform protects walls and other surfaces from scratch marks.

Features for adjustable basket mail carts 

mobile storage package distribution deliveryAdjustable basket mail carts have many attractive features that keep costs low to ensure affordability. These include:

  • Flexible design ensures users can configure extra components with ease to accommodate unique mail distribution needs
  • Users can adjust the padded handle height-wise from 36" to 45" on 2" centers to optimize ergonomic comfort.
  • Convenient writing surface snaps to handle with secure ease
  • Large-sized mail basket (17" wide x 36" deep x 11" high) with ample space to store and organize mail
  • Large-sized parcel basket (17" wide x 36" deep x 7" high) with efficient space to accommodate packages
  • Powder coated one-piece welded construction promotes convenient use
  • Two 8" wheels (non-marking rubber) and two 5" swivel casters (wheels are inset to eliminate scuffing on walls and furniture) provide safe transportability
  • Carts include scuff-resistant bumper molding
  • Optional accessories available to add if users desire
  • Rubber-insulated handle grips designed to tie mailbags
  • Made In the U.S.A.

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