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Last updated: December 13, 2018

Adjustable antimicrobial medial racks keep users safe

rust resistant infection control storage

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Adjustable antimicrobial medical racks provide rust resistant infection control storage with a powder-coat finish strong enough to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew buildup. Available in open or closed designs, the versatile units can safeguard users from exposure to harmful bacteria long after the initial purchase. Systems can provide up to two decades of corrosion-free service, making it worth the investment. Facilities can save on equipment costs and use the money to improve patient services.

Efficient tidy & clean rust resistant infection control storage 

Users can adapt shelves to allow easy bin integration and create more efficient rust resistant and infection control storage that keeps supplies organized and clean. Set containers side-by-side to avoid wasting space and promote convenient material access. Configurations with an open design allow airflow from all four sides to eliminate dust collection. Options with closed sides and backs keep materials safe from unsanitary debris too but allow air to flow through the front.

Beaded Posts: Beaded front posts fabricated from durable 14-gauge cold rolled steel and roll formed into an 11/16" wide x 2-9/16" deep tubular section. Angle back posts fabricated from 14-gauge cold rolled steel and roll formed into a modified unequal angle shape.

Actual Dimensions: Beaded post units connect to extra shelves with common posts to make shelf rows. Users must begin each new row with a "starter unit." For dimension purposes, each starter unit is 1-1/4" wider than the stated dimensions here. For example, 36" wide units measure 37-1/4" wide and 48" wide units measure 49-1/4" wide. Users should add 1/4" to the depth to calculate the actual unit depth.

Shelves: Shelves can accommodate users adjustments on 1-1/2" centers to create optimal storage conditions. Components have a roll formed rectangular tubular shaped front and rear edges with return bends welded to the underside of the shelf on 3" centers to ensure maximum strength. All four corners are lapped and welded to provide a rigid corner and add extra strength to the shelf. Top shelf surface comes punched from left to right, front and back to accept dividers that help users optimize space to maximize use.

Shelf Clips: Convenient one-piece shelf compression clips drawn from 13-gauge cold rolled steel with a zinc plated finish. Four shelf clips provided with each shelf.

Open Units: Open units come with "X" sway braces that fit the sides and back. Braces are of 1" x 11-gauge cold rolled steel strips with safety edges to eliminate sharpness. The components consist of two identical pieces that come punched in the center to allow secure
bolting together and forming an "X." The ends of the metal braces have a rounded design and come punched to allow secure attachment to front and back posts.

Closed Units: Closed units come with side panel and back panels assemblies. Panels fabricated from durable 24-gauge cold rolled sheet steel. Each panel comes punched with 5/16" diameter holes on 1" centers vertically along outer edges and center to allow easy attachment.

adjustable antimicrobial medical racksShelf Weight Capacity: Shelf capacity based on a uniformly distributed load and a safety factor of 1.65.

  • 36" wide units: Able to support up to 500 lbs. per shelf
  • 48" x 12": Units can accommodate up to 375 lbs. per shelf
  • 48" x 18": Configurations can support up to 375 lbs. per shelf
  • 48" x 24": Systems can accommodate up to 350 lbs. per shelf

Finish: All components coated with a seven stage zinc/iron phosphate solution and a high-grade antimicrobial custom blend powder sprayed and baked to inhibit corrosion and provide decades-long microbial protection.

Color: Attractive platinum shade provides a polished look.

Certifications: GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified℠

Assembly: Systems ship unassembled.

Warranty: One-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Made in the USA

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