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Last updated: July 25, 2019

Secure & comfortable ADA-compliant police inmate seats

ada compliant police inmate seatsThese ADA compliant police inmate seats and juvenile detainee benches have handcuff restraints built in to simplify securing convicts in custody. Available options come with or without backs to provide temporary prisoners some comfort during the intake process. Detention centers, courthouses, airports, hospitals, and more can choose models made from:

  • Durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel
  • Denser, stronger, and heavier composite lumber that resists scratches, splits less and requires little maintenance
  • Attractive, sturdy, efficient, and sustainable steel

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Easy-to-clean juvenile detainee benches with handcuff restraints 

juvenile detainee benches handcuff restraintsSince the juvenile detainee benches have handcuff restraints built in, officers can ensure everyone's safety while working to put criminals away. Furthermore, offenders avoid assaulting others in close proximity due to being restricted to the space. Those awaiting transferal to jail can still move while seated there and avoid getting stiff since the components stretch the seats' length. Because the systems have easy-to-wipe or rinse slats and frame, officers can eliminate bad germs from the area, too. Felons then avoid getting a virus and delaying the transferal process due to needing medical care, increasing efficiency.

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Facilities have some design flexibility too, since configurations come in many color, back, length, and size options. All feature a bolt together design with all mounting hardware included to ensure simple, secure installation to the floor. Furthermore, units 6' and longer have three legs while others have two which provide stability.

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