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Last updated: July 03, 2019

Vertical Carousels: Storing Parts Efficiently

vertical carousel small parts storageSmall parts storage in manufacturing and automotive industries can be a nightmare. Vertical carousels are an innovative and automated solution that will store metal stampings, forging, samples, and more in one compact area. The carousels not only save space, but also prevent employees from frustratingly searching for that specific small part, or potentially injuring themselves from bending and lifting heavy parts. The vertical carousels offer countless uses for any manufacturing or industrial application. Click here to watch a video about the carousels and learn how a manufacturing facility was able to increase their inventory storage capacity by 167% in less space.

Manufacturing Storage Challenges

One application that the vertical carousels have seen an increasing use in has been the metal stamping and forging industry, especially recently for automotive manufacturers. The metal casting, stamping, and forging industry has been undergoing a technological transition with new developments focused on dies, material design and modeling, lubrication, optimization software, etc. As every automobile has a high proportion of cast parts, casting supplies are developing new technologies to meet the demand for cheaper and smaller vehicles. The problem comes with manufacturers having to store these numerous cast parts.

Likewise, in metal stamping and forging, many companies that stamp small parts will provide samples to the customer and/or save a sample of each custom product created for future reference. In cast parts and samples storage, they can quickly add up and be incredibly taxing to store, inventory, and organize.

The carousels are also being used for storage of tools and dies. Tools and dies are expensive, heavy, and bulky, and often require specialized storage. They also need to be kept close to the manufacturing line to allow for quick changes and easy setups for the next production run. Since they are incredibly heavy and can take up a lot of space, this can be a major challenge.

The Automated Carousel Solution

Metal samples and cast parts are stored and organized easily in vertical carousels. Integrated inventory management software further increases the usability of the carousels with its simple and intuitive touchscreen user interface. The software requires no additional hardware and provides time efficiency, ergonomics and user friendliness, stock management of up to three automated storage devices at once, and more.

Heavy tools and dies can also be stored in the vertical carousels. The units can easily be placed near the production line for quick and easy access. Integrated advanced inventory control and warehouse management systems are also available depending on how much control and access is needed for your application.

vertical carousels store metal stampings forging samples

The vertical carousels are also perfect for storing:

  • Iron and steel forgings, with or without dies
  • Nonferrous forging, with or without dies
  • Automotive stampings such as body parts, hubs, and trim,
  • Metal crowns and closures
  • Metal stampings and spin products such as household appliance housing and parts; cooking and kitchen utensils; and other non-automotive job stampings

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