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Last updated: September 08, 2017

Shop tool caddy racks offer maximum CNC instrument protection

shop tool caddy racks

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Shop tool caddy racks offer a sturdy and compact solution that promotes ergonomics while integrating with mobile carts, static shelving and cabinets which are modular in construction to create flexible industrial storage that maximizes CNC instrument protection whenever handling, transporting and storage are necessary. With their original two-level design, units offer improved support and increased stability by preventing tools from falling out, even in an inclined position. Its surface features durable PVC material construction that protects equipment from damage due to blows, corrosion and spattering molten metal while favoring coolant drainage and limiting contact surfaces with the tools. Their use is appropriate to accommodate applications that fall within the cutting tool industry, including machine shops, woodworking studios, and glassblowing factories.

Advantages to using shop tool caddy racks

Shop tool caddy racks serve as the central component to a specialized storage system designed to store and organize CNC instruments in an efficient capacity. Units are available either without perforation or with it to accommodate inserting different type tools. Compatible with everything from mobile carts, static shelving, and cabinets that provide industrial storage, the systems include practical, ergonomic handles which promote comfort and make carrying it from one place another easier. Among the advantages that come from using it are:

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  • Provides tool protection to ensure lasting function
  • Avoids accidental contact between tools
  • Prevents corrosion and premature wear that can result from improper storage
  • Minimizes tool acquisition and reconditioning costs
  • Identification zone allows quick tool retrieval

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