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Last updated: June 24, 2016

Secure welded storage cabinets with maximum flexibility

flexible portable cabinet with storing shelvesAlthough the technical specifications surrounding the construction of secure welded storage cabinets are quite precise, they have an insurmountable amount of flexibility that make them an ideal fit for any number of storage applications. This flexible portable cabinet with storing shelves can optimally function as a stand-alone unit. Units can also be stacked or ganged together on the floor or used in conjunction with mobile storage systems for greater space efficiency. Sixteen and 24-inch deep cabinets are available and capability of reaching a vertical height of 96 inches and 144 inches, depending on the chosen configuration. If neither of those sizes will work for your storage needs, don't worry. These secure welded storage cabinets come in a total of six different heights, allowing for a wide range of configurations to be accommodated for with ease. Even its interior accessories are configurable, giving you the highest range of flexibility possible when arranging it for use. Secure welded storage cabinets are flexible enough to suit the storage needs of any number applications and can used to support a range of markets. (See more)

Flexible portable cabinet with storing shelves provides security

This flexible portable cabinet with storing shelves offers you a high degree of security, as well. It is engineered with flush, solid side and back panels that shield stored items from view of the naked eye. A range of frame-mounted doors - including single-wall, double-wall and window - and a variety of locking options are also available to help with security. The use of fully welded 18-gauge steel uprights, side and back panels, in addition to 16-gauge steel top and bottom, provide reinforced strength for long-lasting durability. Its one-piece assembly also allows for the secure welded storage cabinets to be moved from one place to another with ease, without dismantling it.

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