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Last updated: March 15, 2017

No drill or bolting bracket-mounted hinged door storage

bracket mounted hinged door storage fixed mobile office furniture shelvingCabinets with frame-mounted doors are the most common storage type used in conjunction with traditional-style spaces. There is potential for things to change, however, especially with bracket-mounted hinged door storage now available for fixed and mobile office furniture shelving. Each option equally retains the capacity needed to accept integration with either application of 4-post and case-type systems or high-density mobile units. Unlike its popular counterpart, however, no drilling or bolting is required in connection with the bracket-mounted hinged door storage. Rather, its design allows for units to line up every time with spring-loaded pins, locking the doors into place with just a single screw each. Click here to read more articles about mounted hinged door storage cabinets and shelving.

Bracket-mounted hinged door storage features & benefits

The bracket-mounted hinged door storage also boasts many features and benefits. All add to its value. Among them are:

  • Office-quality construction with full-length recessed handle to match contemporary-looking furniture
  • Units easily adapt to any static or mobile 4-post and case-type shelving, which can be used to close off and secure access to a complete shelving section
  • Installation with 4-post and case-type shelving achieved through the use a mounting bracket kit. No drilling into the shelving uprights is required

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Lock options include:

  • Key or electronic lock available, as a retrofit kit for installation in the field. An infrared control key is also available as an option for electronic lock
  • Magnetic catch keeps doors closed without locks
  • Both the top and bottom of the door are secured with a 2-point lock
  • Units are also available in a wide variety of powder coat color designs
  • Doors fit against the face of the shelving and add only 1” (2.25” with extender kit) to the overall depth
  • Extender kits provide 1.75” clearance from the front shelf edge to the inside of the door for end tab files
  • Units are available in a range of sizes, including custom heights

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