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Last updated: December 14, 2016

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Add Waist High Sliding Shelves to Your Office Shelving

Shelving DividersAdding accessories like Waist High Sliding Shelves to your office shelving is a functional and practical way to reduce time employees spend sorting though files. If an employee needs to look through a folder for a certain document, Rollout Workshelves make that process easier and more convenient. These waist high sliding shelves provide an ergonomic space that employees can use right where they are to sort through a folder without stepping away. The Rollout Workshelves keep employees from wasting time walking the folder back to their desk, searching through it for the document they need, and then walking it back over to the shelving.

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In addition to Rollout Workshelves for your shelving, we provide numerous other accessories to make your job easier like:

  • Bin dividers and label holders
  • Tape and media racks
  • Designer end panels and wood trim cladding
  • Suspended pockets/hanging folders
  • Lockable flipper doors and rolling tambour security doors
  • Lockable storage and file drawers
  • Shelving dividers

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