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Last updated: June 19, 2017

Museum storage balances collection preservation & public access 

sealed low light illuminated museum drawer cabinet"Visible storage" is not unfamiliar to museums. There is evidence to suggest that the idea is decades old. Collection preservation obligations continue to clash with wanting to provide better public accessibility, so finding a balance is a real challenge for many institutions. It isn't impossible, though. One museum managed it using unique storage fit with a viewing glass display window. Among them was the sealed low-light illuminated museum drawer cabinet.

Its creation, along with three others, was specific to match staff needs. Each was to display varying artifacts in a public viewing area. So, it was essential that the design provided a balance between preservation and access. Units also needed to lock to ensure collection security and remain air tight to help control air exchange. A viewing glass display window and low-lighting were also necessary to promote visibility.

Experts team up to deliver sealed low-light illuminated museum drawer cabinet

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Creating the storage required help from experts. A local consultant and an internal team worked to deliver quality systems. The sealed low-light illuminated museum drawer cabinet accommodates hanging garments. Its interior hosts a set of drawers that store smaller-size objects such as belts, handkerchiefs, and suspenders.

viewing glass display window museum cabinet

Another varies in appearance from the sealed low-light illuminated museum drawer cabinet. Rather than include drawers, the unit has a barrel support system. This makes holding historic rifles easier on the cabinet. The storage component adjusts in vertical or horizontal directions to provide optimal support.

Each cabinet also features a low-light-emission LED illumination system. It allows visitors to view collections without exposing items to unnecessary light. Click here to see more museum cabinet storage solutions.

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