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Last updated: September 10, 2018

Financial Services Firm Consolidates Operations

pivoting two sided cabinets for storing legal documents

The financial services firm for a large automotive dealer made the decision to reduce its operations from 150 different sites to eight regional services centers. The firm’s new model allows them to gain efficiency of scale and to enable more cost-effective technology utilization. The firm looked for a solution for storing legal title documents that would maximize space and minimize square footage investment. Pivoting two-sided cabinets provided that solution. The pivoting two-sided cabinets reduced construction costs and enhanced efficiencies in every location.

Pivoting Two-Sided Cabinets are Used to Store Legal Documents

Each of the new service centers incorporates a locked file room with an average of 36 pivoting two-sided cabinets storing titles and credit contracts. Because the pivoting two-sided cabinets offer twice the storage capacity of lateral cabinets or open shelving, the firm was able to save on construction costs.

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Since some storage rooms are located on the second floor, floor loading was a concern and the pivoting two-sided cabinets provided less weight per square foot. Also, the cabinets accommodate the company’s desire for storage flexibility because the pivoting two-sided cabinets can be relocated at any time or expanded on whenever necessary.

Another issue that was important to the firm was security. Even though the room is locked, they wanted an additional layer of protection for their customer’s sensitive information. The pivoting two-sided cabinets easily spin to lock-up tight and keep information secure.

revit bim models for pivoting two-sided cabinets

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