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times 2 rotating shelf drawers below countertop cabinetry

A Smart Solution for Maximizing Below Countertop Office Storage Space

Anywhere in your office where there is a table or countertop, there might also be wasted space. Sure you can keep things on the table, but what about underneath? Even if you have a couple of shelves, are you really using them to their full potential? To truly maximize the potential of built-in countertop cabinetry add Times 2 rotating shelf and drawer storage below. This innovative solution will double your storage capacity and optimize your office storage space. revit bim models

Benefits of the Times 2 Rotating Shelf & Drawers

In addition to maximizing every inch of available storage space, using the Times 2 rotating shelf and drawer storage offers numerous other benefits:

  • Efficient storage design that never leaves unused or unseen items at the back of a shelf.
  • Great for Customer Service Desks, Copy Centers, Lunch Rooms, Mail Rooms, Reception Stations, Nursing Stations or Laboratories.
  • Easily stores items like office supplies, toner cartridges, printer paper, kitchen and beverage items, paper reams or lab & medical supplies.
  • Place into corners or abut sidewalls using a closing strip to cover up exposed sides.
  • Simply reconfigure the interior as your needs change.
  • The whole system including the individual drawers are lockable to offer extra security and prevent unauthorized access.

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Specifications for the Times 2 Rotating Shelf & Drawers

  • Suggested top overhang of 5/8" front or side.
  • Countertops may be sourced locally or through us.
  • Countertop heights of 41 5/8" and 50 3/8"
  • Starter widths of 36 1/2" and 45 1/4"

    times two below countertop office storage furniture

Overall space dimensions of only the Times 2 rotating shelf and drawer storage units

specifications for the times 2 rotating shelf drawers

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