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Times Two “X2” High Capacity Spinning File Cabinets

The Times Two high capacity filing cabinets are two-sided, locking file cabinets that rotate. With two-sided spinning file cabinets, you can double your storage in less floor space. Unlike ordinary lateral file cabinets, the special spinning rotary cabinet design takes space planning to a whole new level (view spinning file cabinet image gallery)

Rotary Cabinet Spinning Files Times Two Storage Animation

X2 Two-Sided Spinning File Cabinets Increase Storage Capacity and Save Space

Just one 7-tier Times Two File Cabinet gives you more filing capacity than three traditional lateral files, which means you can store more information in less floor space. For example, if we take a room where 20 four-drawer lateral cabinets provide 240 feet of filing capacity in 360 square feet (including access aisles) and install high capacity 7-tier Times Two filing cabinets, you can store over 291 feet of filing capacity in less than half the floor space (147 square feet). (See videos see videos)

 revit bim models

Expand Your Storage Options with Two-Sided High Capacity Filing Cabinets

Two-sided high capacity filing cabinets are flexible storing multiple items within the same cabinet. For example, you can store files on the middle and lower levels with notebooks or boxes on the upper shelf levels. There are a wide variety of other accessories to expand your storage options to meet your exact needs. These accessories include:

  • Roll-out recessed reference shelves
  • CD and roll-out drawers
  • Hanging folder frames
  • Tub type security drawershigh capacity two sided spinning file cabinets accessories
  • Hanging wardrobe storage kits
  • Pass through shelves

High Capacity Filing Cabinets Design and Planning Assistance

Southwest Solutions Group® storage professionals are ready to assist you in designing and installing Times Two spinning filing cabinets for your office. Just give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to speak with one of our representatives.

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