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Last updated: August 03, 2017

Roll-Up Security Doors for Shelving Security

roll up coiling doors remote control lockingSecurity and space are a big issue for almost any business or organization. Information storage is growing more and more complex and keeping this information properly secured and stored is extremely important. Much of this information is now stored digitally, but the need for physical storage space isn't going away anytime soon. However, shelving isn't exactly the most secure storage system. Roll-up coiling doors and remote control locking shelving security shutters are a solution that provides a fast and cost-effective way to add security to any type of new or existing shelving you already have. Click here to watch a video to see how the roll-up coiling doors work.

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Add Security to Your Existing Storage

Part of what makes the roll-up coiling doors such a great solution is that they can mount onto your existing shelving so you don't need to invest in buy and installing new shelves. When in use, the user simply rolls the shutter down and locks it to keep stored items safe and secure. When storage needs to be accessed, simply unlock and roll the door back up. This is an incredibly functional and yet simple design, providing durable and reliable security that is easy for staff members to use.

remote control locking shelving security doorsFor extra safety and efficient use, you can also include automatic locks and remote control operation. This allows users to simply push a button to roll the doors up and down, which also lock automatically when closed. The built-in sensor that comes with the automatic remote controls also automatically stops the motion of the door if it comes into contact with an obstruction, ensuring the safety of users and items. If a box is left hanging partially off a shelf or someone moves their hand into the door's line of motion, it will immediately stop and is easily reset for use again once the obstruction has been removed.

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The shelving security shutters also save space. Instead of hinges that swing outward, the doors roll up and require no extra space in front of the shelves. Stored items are still accessible even if there are boxes stacked in front of the shelves so you don't have to waste time to move them every time you need to roll the door up. Lastly, the roll-up coiling doors are available in a variety of widths and heights in multiple colors to choose from.

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