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Last updated: July 06, 2020

Hospital Replaces Bar-Code System with RFID Smart Cabinets

smart cabinets with rfid tracking for managing medical devicesA hospital installed Smart Cabinets with RFID technology in their operating rooms and cath-labs for tracking and managing medical devices. The Smart Cabinets’ RFID technology allowed the medical center to replace a bar-code system and to create a unified platform that recognizes the entire vendor spectrum and communicates directly with the hospitals’ ERP system, which was impossible to do beforehand. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Real-Time Tracking & Managing Medical Devices

The Smart Cabinets combine RFID technology with point-of-use reporting and a simple user interface for real-time tracking and managing of stents, implants, and other high-value devices. As soon as a device is removed from its shelves or dedicated location, the Smart Cabinet immediately records and tracks the item for automated inventory management that not only saves valuable time in the OR but greatly improves medical-device follow-up (for example, in the case of product recalls by the manufacturer).

Reports are now sent directly to vendors, distributors, and manufacturers giving the entire supply chain an accurate view of inventory levels, usage, and status of their high-cost medical devices. The solution also presents a suitable infrastructure for full consignment in the future, where hospitals will only pay for the medical devices used.

Benefits of the Smart Cabinets with RFIDhigh-value inventory storage and management with rfid smart cabinet

The Smart Cabinets offered numerous benefits to the medical center including:

  • one standard platform for the entire product serialization and data
  • in depth – online- visibility of high cost items including delivery, storage, consumption all connecting to the medical procedure record including billing
  • eliminated expired or lost items

The hospital’s decision to install the Smart Cabinets is a growing trend to create a unified language between the many vendors, types of devices, and software applications. Because everyone associated with the hospital (i.e. vendors, nurses, logistics, and patients) can understand the data in unified method, efficiency has grown and better care is provided.

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