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Last updated: September 02, 2020

Saving Space and Increasing Productivity in the Pharmacy

pharmacys mobile shelving with fast mover shelves for easy accessWhen a northeastern healthcare network decided to add outpatient pharmacies to its clinics and hospitals, it needed to reallocate existing space since new construction wasn’t feasible. Using mobile shelving, the network was able to design incredibly efficient pharmacies in the limited available space. The mobile shelving also incorporates end-aisle fast-mover shelves that help store the pharmacy’s active stock while ensuring staff has quick access to materials. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing. Click here to learn more about space-saving pharmacy storage solutions. 

Pharmacy Needed a Creative Storage Solution

The network needed to find a way to add pharmacy services to five of its healthcare facilities. They felt that this was an important service and convenience for patients since the clinics already offered lab and radiology services. The goal was to create a service that provided one-stop shopping to patients.

The network needed about 1,100 to 1,200 linear feet of shelving for pharmaceuticals and supplies. But since clinic space is at a premium and new construction was too cost-prohibitive, administrators needed a creative solution to meet their storage needs in the new pharmacies. They selected mobile shelving to help them achieve their patient service goals because it would fit everything they needed in a limited space.

Mobile Shelving Customized with Fast-Mover Shelves

One of the most important features of mobile shelving is the fast mover-shelves located on the end of each carriage. The fast-mover shelves give staff easy access to the most frequently requested items. In fact, the pharmacies were able to get about 70 to 80 percent of the more widely used items up front.

pharmacy mobile shelving maximizes space and increases storage capacityThe mobile shelving was also designed with only six-foot-long carriages to minimize travel time down the aisle to any particular item. The short carriages allow staff to get to all other items quickly, taking only a few steps to get to the end of each aisle. These improvements in access were important because they directly affect productivity and, ultimately, how well the pharmacy serves its customers.

Mobile Shelving Designed to Save Maximum Amount of Space

Additionally, due to the high costs associated with maintaining drug inventories, pharmacies typically don’t carry a large quantity of any one item. It is more essential to carry many variations of a particular medication. The mobile shelving allows the pharmacies to store the large variety of drugs needed in 60 percent of the space that would have been occupied by static shelving.

Since minimal quantities of each product are kept inactive stock, combined with the fact that many products are packaged in small containers, the shelves were designed shallow – nine inches deep. This allows pharmacy personnel to arrange and organize one medication or drug in each shelf location.

Everything is visible from the front of the shelf and medications are not stocked behind each other. This facilitates quick and accurate retrievals because it is not necessary to search behind items to find the exact medication.

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