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Modular Casework Proves to Be the Right Pharmacy Cabinet Solution

modular casework for temporary pharmacy was repurposed and moved to permanent location

During an unusual project for a hospital pharmacy, the unique strengths and features of modular casework came into play. The hospital was constructing a fully functional temporary pharmacy in a small footprint of a rented floor. The hospital would be securing a new, permanent space within a year. They wanted a solution that would work in both the temporary and final pharmacy space. That solution turned out to be modular casework.revit bim models

The Pharmacy Move from Temporary to Permanent Location

Because modular casework is so flexible, all of the components from the temporary pharmacy with the exception of one sink cabinet were repurposed in the move to the final location. Although modular casework has the appearance of built-in traditional millwork, base cabinets are not bolted to the wall or nailed to the floor. This meant that the components in the temporary space could be moved with ease to a new configuration in their permanent home.

And in the new space, a pharmacy wall was used to work around historic fixtures. The pharmacy wall, a modular panel, was placed in front of the permanent wall and accepted the rails to mount the cabinets.

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Modular Casework is More Consistent than Traditional Millwork

modular casework is more consistent than traditional millwork

The pharmacy’s other concern with traditional millwork was consistency. Because millwork parts are generally cut by hand with a table saw, they are susceptible to human error and are not interchangeable. Typical millwork cabinets are "ganged" together using a lot of glue, dow pins and thinner board in hidden areas.

In contrast, modular casework panels are factory cut with precision on computer-aided equipment with seams finished in edging on all sides. The cabinets arrive on-site nearly completely assembled and independent of each other.

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