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Last updated: October 22, 2019
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A Highly Secure Weapon Storage Solution for Police Officers

With the amount of gear police officers have to store, finding safe space for gun storage can be challenging. Storing guns and, ammo and other weapons is even more of a problem when you have to carry everything in a pickup truck. The solution to high-security weapon storage challenges is Truck Bed Gun Lockers. The Truck Bed Gun Lockers offer police officers a highly secure option for storing long arm guns in the bed of a pickup truck.

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Features of the Truck Bed Gun Lockers for Weapon Storage

truck bed gun lockers storing long armsTruck Bed Gun Lockers are 48" long x 9" wide by 16" tall to fit a variety of long arms including assault rifles, AR7, and shotguns. They are constructed of heavy-duty ¾" galvanized steel to ensure their durability under harsh conditions. Also, the gun locker is coated with Line-X to protect the locker against rust and seal out water and dust. Truck Bed Gun Lockers have a high-security tamper-proof door with a key lock and pre-wired for a Bulldog Security wireless remote control (included). The gun locker mounts onto the wheel well in the bed of the pickup truck and easily stores two weapons with ammo. Click here to see more public safety storage solutions.  

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Since 1969, Southwest Solutions Group® has been providing storage solutions for police and law enforcement facilities. To learn more about Truck Bed Gun Lockers or to speak to a representative, give us a call at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message.