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The Evidence Is Clear... Law Enforcement Needs More Property Storage Space

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Are you noticing that your law enforcement facility has become outdated, overcrowded, and disorganized because it's been 80 years since your last remodel? Are you devoting all your time to searching every area of the office for crucial evidence and not being able to find it? Poorly designed storage facilities make it easy for property and evidence items to get misplaced, lost, damaged, or accidentally destroyed. Unfortunately, property and evidence storage requirements are getting tougher for law enforcement facilities because new regulations regarding how long evidence must be stored are rapidly changing. Property and evidence storage statutes of limitation are being extended for some crime categories. In many cases, evidence must be kept available even after a convicted criminal's appeals have been exhausted which means more storage. Southwest Solutions Group specializes in all types of storage shelving, cabinets, racks, and lockers to make law enforcement facilities more productive and space-efficient. 

Space Saving Property and Evidence High-Density Shelving

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One of the most cost-effective ways to conserve your law enforcement facility's floor space and energy consumption is with high-density property and evidence storage shelving. Storing evidence in high-density shelving reduces the floor space required for storage making your facility more efficient. Space-saving high-density storage shelving mobilizes row of shelving that roll back and forth on floor tracks. High-Density shelving saves floor space by converting static storage access aisles into one or two movable aisles. Reducing the number of access aisles in your evidence storage area will double your storage in the same floor space area or reduce your storage area in half. Also, high-density property and evidence shelving promotes better organization and allows mobile shelving units to roll together and lock for additional security control of stored evidence.

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Increased Security for Temporary Evidence

 revit bim modelsTemporary evidence lockers can be installed adjacent to where officers complete their reports and are built into the wall for added convenience. The tamper-proof high-security lockers allow the officers to deposit and secure evidence on one side of the wall while allowing the evidence manager to easily retrieve and store evidence on the other side. Because officers deposit and request all evidence from outside the storage vault area, they never need to go into the property and evidence storage vault area where the integrity of the case evidence is maintained.

Other Law Enforcement Storage Solutions

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Here are just a few examples of our broad selection of law enforcement storage solutions (View our law enforcement image gallery).

DNA evidence storage freezers and refrigerated units
Secure weapons storage cabinets for evidence seized during investigations and for law enforcement weapons
Property and evidence temporary storage lockers that maintain your chain of custody
Pass through evidence lockers
Evidence drying cabinets for blood and other biological evidence
Law enforcement gear lockers
Multi-media storage cabinets for audio and video evidence
Barcode tracking

Choosing the Right Evidence System for Your Law Enforcement Facility

Southwest Solutions Group has helped many police, sheriff, and other law enforcement facilities organize and manage their property and evidence with secure and efficient storage and evidence handling systems. Call 1-800-803-1083 today to schedule a 30-minute storage assessment, or contact one of our local offices for more information.


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