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Police Department Protection Equipment Storage

riot gear storage system police department ballistic shieldsWhen there's a civil disturbance, police officers need to be ready. And as these disturbances have unfortunately become more common, the use of riot gear by law enforcement has also grown. Many departments stock up on riot gear and equipment like shields, helmets, tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, etc., which means it's just as important that these materials are stored securely and able to be accessed quickly when they're needed. We have a variety of riot shield gear storage rack systems to provide an efficient storage solution for police department protection equipment. Click here to see all of our public safety storage solutions.

Riot Shield & Gear Storage Solutions

Riot gear typically isn't used very often, but in the rare cases that it's needed, officers need to be able to access it quickly while still allowing the gear to remain securely stored when not in use.

riot shield storage rack

Powered high density shelving provides enhanced security and maximized storage density with additional audit control and access tracking options. For example, riot gear could be stored on a particular carriage that can only be accessed via PIN-code. Since only authorized personnel with this PIN can access the carriage, inventory control is fast and simple and eliminates gear misplacement. Aisles are moved automatically for quick access. Click here to learn how the powered high density shelving works.

4-post shelving can be used to create a fast-access solution for riot shields, masks, armor, and other gear within designated riot gear storage areas. This type of shelving is extremely versatile and can be customized for specialized storage of almost anything. One police department's Tactical Intervention Unit used 4-post shelving to keep shields upright and separated with metal dividers, while optimized shelves above kept additional equipment organized (shown right). Solid or glass locking doors can be added for security, as well as adjustable shelving to accommodate any size shield.

4-post shelving can also be mounted on high density carriages for more storage capacity in a smaller footprint.

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