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Last updated: August 19, 2020

Juvenile Detention Center Saves Floor Space with High Density Racks

high density racks in a juvenile detention center used to store to store personal property

We recently worked with a Juvenile Detention Center that was looking to consolidate its inmate personal property storage space. The detention center was facing the problem of having more items to store than it had room for them. The solution we provided was High Density Racks. Because the High Density Racks remove access aisles and convert them to storage space, they can store more in half the space of traditional storage methods. In fact, the Juvenile Detention Center was able to recover about 2,500 square feet of floor space with the High Density Racks. (view images of High Density Racks) Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving. (See videos See videos)

Features of the High Density Racks in the Juvenile Detention Center

a juvenile detention center uses hand crank high density racks

The High Density Racks installed at the Juvenile Detention Center included these available features:

  • Hand crank three spoke handles that lock for safety and to prevent anyone from opening or closing an aisle when the system is in use.
  • Low profile tracks that prevent anyone from tripping and ensure that everyone remains safe.
  • Wire decking on the racks helps create air flow and a more breathable environment when storing personal property.
  • The High Density Racks were designed to maximize space between shelves to store the most amount of personal property possible.

Compliant with Government Memo OMB M-12-12 Section 3: Freeze the Footprint

storing personal property in high density racks saves space

The High Density Racks also helped the Juvenile Detention Center in complying with Government Memo OMB M-12-12 Section 3: Freeze the Footprint. The memo states, “Agencies shall not increase the total square footage of their domestic office and warehouse inventory compared to the FY 2012 baseline.” Because the High Density Racks save so much floor space, the detention center was able to store the same amount of personal property in less space so that in the future they have room for growth. And this will ensure they remain compliant with the order.

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