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Keep Police and Athletic Gear Safe and Dry with Air Flow Lockers

Ventilated Air-Flow Lockers for police gear

The best solution for keeping police and athletic gear secure and dry is Air Flow Lockers. These ventilated air-flow lockers provide maximum security while eliminating odors from sweaty clothing and footwear. Our air flow ventilation system allows air to circulate inside the locker and vent outside helping clothing and shoes stay dry and odor free.

Meeting the Gear Storage Needs of Today's Police Officers

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The quantity and type of gear that police officers store has gotten increasingly complex while their storage lockers have remained the same. Officers used to only carry a holster, handcuffs, and a club; now they will have one or two pairs of handcuffs, a semi automatic pistol, extra ammunition magazines, a radio, a flashlight, a taser, and gloves. In addition to gear, they have body armor, uniforms, and multiple types of shoes. Police officers these days have a lot of gear, and it’s expensive gear. (Ventilated Air-Flow Locker images)

Benefits Police Officers Have Experienced with a Ventilated Air-Flow Locker

Police Gear Air Flow Locker with Drawers

We received feedback from a couple of officers whose department had recently installed our Air Flow Lockers. One sergeant stated, “I used to store things in the trunk of my car. Then one day my wife took the car for an oil change and we had a call that required some of the gear, which meant I had to drive to the oil change place to retrieve it before I could respond to the call. It’s nice to be able to keep all of my gear at work in the Air Flow Lockers.”

Another officer said, “You know what the most important thing to me about the new Ventilated Air-Flow Locker is? I put on my body armor the first day after we moved into the new locker room and it was dry. Do you know what it is like putting on damp body armor day after day? It’s a part of the job I don’t miss.”

Key Features of Our Ventilated Air-Flow Locker for Police & Athletic Gear

  • The Ventilated Air-Flow Locker is durable and long-lasting
  • Multiple configurations and accessories available for Ventilated Air-Flow Lockers
  • Air Flow Lockers offer plug-n-play electrical outlets
  • Adjustability of the Air Flow Lockers’ interior shelves and components
  • Air Flow Lockers have an attractive design and functionality

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