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property & evidence storage in less space

high density managing evidenceA state police agency was facing a challenge in regard to the critical functions of protecting evidence through the chain of custody in their crime laboratories while providing secure, long-term storage for evidence and property in their headquarters' central repository. The solution was tailored specifically to match the agency's process for managing their property and processing evidence: high density mobile storage combined with non-pass through evidence lockers.

The agency struggled for years with the task of managing property and processing evidence for 3,000 state troopers as well as virtually all levels of law enforcement throughout the state. Storage complexity also grew as a result of the new technology center that includes separate trace/biological, ballistics, and Controlled and Substances (CDS) laboratories. These new labs drove the need for a storage system that would preserve the integrity of evidence throughout the chain of custody, safely and securely store items such as weapons, ammunition, and CDS, ensure that only authorized personnel had access to this evidence, facilitate documentation of evidence handling at every step, and optimize their existing space without expanding their facility.

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solution & results

A unique mix of high density mobile storage systems and non-pass through evidence lockers were engineered and installed. The storage system covers virtually every aspect within the chain of custody and includes:

revit bim models

  • A mechanical-assist high density mobile storage system at central storage for incoming and outgoing evidence
  • 31 customized non-pass through evidence lockers for trace and biological evidence
  • 51 evidence lockers for firearms storage
  • Three more mechanical-assist high density units for ammunition storage, case files, and central storage

At headquarters, there was very limited space for property and evidence storage. In addition, stationary shelving, static pallet racking, and traditional file cabinets impeded staff members' abilities to access items quickly and handle them in accordance with the standard procedures. Though the volume of evidence continued to grow, building expansion was not an option. A long-term storage solution was needed to allow quick access to evidence, make the best use of severely limited space, and ensure the safety of all staff members.

mobile evidence storage

In the central repository, powered high density mobile storage systems were installed to solve these challenges, including four systems for general property evidence, a system for storing firearms, a system for storing CDS, and a system for personnel files. Four powered mobile systems that are ten feet high, 18 feet long, and 52 inches deep are used at headquarters to house everything from tire rims to computers. The systems incorporate heavy-duty shelves in various heights to accommodate property and evidence of a wide variety of sizes. In the labs, non-pass-through evidence lockers were customized to fit under the scientists' desks for extra security and space savings.


Southwest Solutions Group® provides design, installation, and customization services for high density mobile storage systems for managing property for all types off applications, including public safety and law enforcement. We will even provide you with a free consultation to determine your exact storage needs and expectations before the design process begins. For more information or to speak with a specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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