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Last updated: July 21, 2017

Sterile portable computer workstation shelving carts increase productivity

portable computer workstation shelving cartsPortable computer workstation shelving carts are a sterile mobile storage solution with many features and options that promote working while on the go. This includes shelves and drawers which accommodate PC components in convenient space that makes it easy for users to bring work with them and increase productivity as they transition from one place to another. Rolling laptop desk caddy storage features easy-to-clean and sanitize stainless steel construction that encourages good hygiene and supports their use in places required to meet high cleanliness standards, including hospitals. Available options also come in an attractive chrome finish and include resilient or polyurethane-tread caster wheels that reduce noise and allow quiet operation.

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Rolling laptop desk caddy storage ensures smoother ride

The rolling laptop desk caddy storage polyurethane-tread swivel caster wheels measure 5" in diameter and have brakes that help provide a smoother ride. Units ship knocked down, each with a full-length undershelf to store essential computer system hardware or printing equipment and accessories. The systems also feature one wire cantilever shelf that measures 12" wide, a wire tabletop and one drawer that fits a keyboard. It has a three-sided frame and a 38 3/8" working height but measures 53 3/8" overall. Its two rear posts measure 48", while the pair used at the front measure 33".

Weight capacities for portable computer workstation shelving carts

rolling laptop desk caddy storageThese portable computer workstation shelving carts can support hundreds of pounds in weight capacity. How much depends on the shelf width used. Those that measure up to 48" wide can hold as much as 800 pounds per shelf based on even weight distribution. Shelves measuring over 48" wide can support up to 600 pounds with even weight distribution. Posts come in sets of four that support up to 2,400 pounds and its wheels support up to 300 pounds each. Click here for more about healthcare storage solutions.

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