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ETO police gear lockers

ventilated police lockerPolice gear lockers with built-in indirect lighting and ventilation was an engineered-to-order (ETO) solution for a police department who was planning the construction of their new headquarters. The department needed diffused lighting and air ventilation in both the men's and women's locker rooms. 245 of these lockers were engineered specifically to accommodate their indirect lighting and ventilation system.

lockers with indirect lighting & ventilation

Specific storage requirements in the department's men's and women's locker rooms needed to be met while uniting the form and function of the lockers. For ventilation, the police gear lockers were engineered with holes or grates placed along the tops that ran side-to-side. This allowed for an air duct to run across the top of the row of lockers to the exhaust system at the end of each row. The gates at the top of the lockers that were furthest away from the exhaust vent were fully opened, and the other vents were closed increasingly more depending on how close they were to the vent.

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The air ventilation system provides consistent airflow throughout the entire locker. This helps dry gear faster and removes odors. The ventilation system was also designed specifically to fit into the locker's configuration to make the lockers look clean, simple, and aesthetically pleasing.

The sloped top of the police gear lockers has shortened depths, which allows lighting fixtures to be placed at the top of the air duct. The fixtures are directed upwards to create indirect or diffused lighting in the locker rooms. The indirect lighting increased the light quality of the locker rooms, which plays a big role in the Indoor Environmental Quality category of LEED credits for certification. After installing the ETO lockers, the new headquarters was able to achieve LEED Gold Certification.

police locker with lighting

The lockers were also outfitted with a bench drawer, electrical outlet components, interior lockable boxes, and hook kits for more efficient storage of gear and personal items.

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