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police locker room personal storage

double tiered lockers for personal storage in police department locker roomsA police department's new facility was going to have a gym for employees, which created the need for large men's and women's locker rooms. Double tiered lockers for personal storage in the police department locker rooms were installed and were eventually expanded to also handle evidence, guns, juvenile records, SWAT equipment, records, detective files, police administration records, and fire administration records.

the department's challenge & solution

revit bim modelsThe police department was moving from several separate locations into one facility, so they required a large number of locker openings for all of their personnel. The Captain, Major, and other superiors also needed more personal storage space than other employees. With such a large number of lockers needed, there was a minimum area for benches between lockers, and the lockers and benches needed to allow enough room to retain ADA clearances in the locker rooms. Innovation and a professional, clean appearance was also a must for the facility to be able to stand out among other agencies in the county.

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The solution was double-tiered personal storage lockers with two tiers of half-height locker doors with bench wood that extended across each row of locker drawers, false front drawers on the locker benches, along with a number of full height lockers.police department installs double tiered personal storage lockers with benches

The double-tiered lockers would provide the police department flexibility with the ability to move accessories around within the locker to meet individual needs. The two tiers of half-height lockers provided enough locker openings for all personnel, and the benches on all of the lockers meant that the police department did not need separate benches in the small space between the lockers. The department managed to save a lot of space by having the bench attached to the lockers themselves, which also meant that they were able to follow ADA clearance requirements. The false front drawers give the lockers a uniform look and are smooth and sleek to improve the appearance of the locker rooms.

Full height lockers for the Captain, Major, and other superiors allow extra personal storage space. This modern and resourceful storage solution combined with other state-of-the-art equipment in the new police facility helped make it one of the most updated and modern police administration buildings in the entire state. The same locker system was later expanded to meet a wide variety of their additional storage needs outside of personal storage.

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