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 Adjustable personal storage lockers solve Storage problems

adjustable personal storage lockersWhile making plans to build a new headquarters, a police department discovered that they had a big storage problem on their hands. Before they could officially call the place home, storing everything from evidence and personal effects to records and weapons needed to be reevaluated and solutions had to be put in place. It was then decided that adding adjustable personal storage lockers to the men's and women's locker room would be the most convenient way to add more storage space. With the installation of these law enforcement and police gear cabinets, members of the force had a safe and secure place to store personal belongings and idle gear while on shift. And because of the flexible capabilities of these adjustable personal storage lockers, the needs of the department were more easily met. Watch video of adjustable personal storage lockers in action.

Flexible law enforcement, police gear cabinets

revit bim modelsThe flexibility of these law enforcement and police gear cabinets are what make them so popular. These adjustable personal storage lockers can come with an external access drawer or a bench drawer and feature a selection of door options, ranging from single or double, plain or diamond perforated mesh doors. The swat team added diamond perforated mesh doors to increase the visibility of the items stored inside. The unique design of the doors allow for air to be free-flowing and circulate, keeping gear dry and order free in the process. 

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Adjustable personal storage lockers make life easier

law enforcement and police gear cabinetsThese adjustable personal storage lockers can also be configured to accommodate the addition or removal of accessories. Everything from a lockable box kit to store weapons such as a handgun or an adjustable shelf with integral garment hanger for storing clothes can be added to make your everyday life easier. An interlocking system prompts the bench and external access drawers to lock and unlock automatically with the door. Visit our online store for law enforcement and police gear cabinets.

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