Smart Prescription Pickup Lockers

pharmacy prescription pick up lockersA pharmacy is one of those places that deal with unique storage challenges throughout the day. Patients expect to be served quickly. At the same time, pharmacy staff must ensure that visiting patients receive correct medication as per their prescription in the shortest possible time. They also need to remain careful when it comes to handling the medicines and dosages. The wrong drug or dosage can have life-threatening consequences. 

So, how do pharmacies can keep human error to an absolute minimum? The answer is by maintaining an orderly storage solution. However, conventional storage systems prove to be less effective in an environment that demands quick and accurate storage and retrieval. 

Estimates suggest that adverse drug events (ADEs) account for more than 3.5 million physician office visits and one million emergency department visits each year in the US. With more people depending on healthcare systems than ever before, it is time that pharmacies start adopting modern prescription storage revit bim models

What are the Requirements in a Pharmacy? 

A pharmacy is the primary point of contact for people to get their medication. Pharmacies are tasked to maintain the inventory of these medicines accurately. They must ensure that patients have access to the proper medication in the least amount of time. To facilitate this, a pharmacy usually performs the following procedures.

Inventory for Essential Medicine: A pharmacy will have a storage unit dedicated to essential medicines. 

Drug Classification: In a pharmacy, drug classification is implemented to quickly reduce the complexity of finding the right medicine. There are several ways to carry out drug classification. One of the most common methods is using labeled bins or color-coded bins. The modern method involves using barcodes and scanners to locate the right medicine. 

Secure Storage: A pharmacy has to store narcotics and similar drugs. Narcotics require secure storage so that only authorized personnel can access them. Secure lockers and other forms of protected storage solutions are a must in a pharmacy to keep such medications secure. 

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A Perfect Storage Solution for Pharmacy Inventory

We now understand that there is a real problem when it comes to pharmacies and inventory management. For better use of the workforce and floor area, it is vital to think in terms of modern technologies. Let us explore some of the best modern storage solutions tailored for prescription storage. 

Pharmacy Storage Sliders

Pharmacy storage sliders have sliding cabinets and shelves, making them ideal storage solutions in limited storage space areas. The shelves are one in front of the other, which means they don’t take up extra aisle space. But how would the staff access the shelves if there is no aisle space? pharmacy medication sliding shelves

The storage shelves sit on rollers and tracks. The entire design is in such a way that there is one less shelf in the front. Therefore, the staff simply slides out the shelf that they need to access. Implementing this solution saves a significant amount of floor space and provides additional space to accommodate more storage. It is also possible to fit these pharmacy storage sliders with locking security doors to add an extra security layer.

RxStor Pull Out Cabinets and Rx Pharmacy Storage Cabinets

Pharmacies often struggle to find enough storage space for all the medications. But that’s where they can utilize a custom range of storage solutions from Southwest Solutions Group® that implement the idea of condensed storage to store more in less space. We believe storage systems should improve patient care. To take dense storage solutions to the next stage, we fit the cabinets with ControLOC™ Technology

The ControLOC™ Technology ensures that only authorized employees can access highly-controlled medications. It does so using electro-mechanical locks accessible with a PIN, access card, or both. 

Having a robust security layer doesn’t mean that you have to tuck away such cabinets to the back of the pharmacy. The ControLOC™ Technology doesn’t make the cabinets heavy or cumbersome to operate. With this technology, you can even place the cabinets next to the patient pick-up counter and stock them daily with narcotics and medicines from the pharmacy vault. 

In essence, you can have high-value medicines at an arms-length without having to worry about unauthorized access.

Powered Vertical Carousels

prescription storage vertical carouselsPharmacies store thousands of medicines at any point in time. Pharmacy pick up lockers allow pharmacies to expand inventory without the expenses of floor area expansion.

vertical carousel can turn out to be the right solution in such cases. The storage solution uses vertical space in a pharmacy rather than the horizontal floor area. This facility allows the pharmacy to stack medicines in compartments one above another. The system further includes a workstation with features that aid in inventory management. 

To access these compartments, the staff can go to the workstation and specify the compartment they want to retrieve. The vertical carousel will then start to rotate, cycling through different compartments to provide the user with the right one containing the correct medicine. To access the workstation, the staff can key in the carrier location, scan a barcode or enter an inventory number on the carousel’s control panel.

When they pick up medicines from the container, the inventory will update automatically. Having a system that tracks everything from the beginning ensures strict control over the stock, making medicines tracking more manageable and faster.

Smart Lockers

Smart lockers are the next significant upgrade in locker storage technology. There are many benefits to implementing an intelligent locker system at the pharmacy. Let us go through some of them. 

  • Modular: Smart pick up lockers are modular. In other words, there is no hard limit on the number of lockers you can place on a wall. You can add a row or remove one with ease. If you need to replace a locker from a bunch, that is possible too. 
  • Different Size Options: One of the perks of a modular locker is that you don’t have to settle with a standard configuration provided by the manufacturer. Smart pick up lockers are available in different sizes to plan the locker space by incorporating lockers of various sizes. 
  • Secure: Only authorized personnel having the correct access key can access the locker. With controlled access, it is possible to store narcotics and other high-value drugs within these secure lockers to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Chain of Custody: The locker’s smart technology allows it to keep a log of every item stocked and retrieved. Therefore, pharmacies can track access times of the lockers and the inventory level. 
  • SMS/Email Notification: The smart features continue with quality-of-life features such as SMS/Email notification. If it contains or receives a package, an email or SMS notification will be sent to the person.
  • Removes Complex Elements: Without a smart locker system, the person accessing the locker must first verify his/her identity and sign a logbook. With smart lockers, the personnel does not require a physical signature since an electronic log takes care of all the entires. Since the locker creates a record with every access, restock, and pickup, audits are easy.
  • RFID: Some of the smart lockers also come with RFID capability. The staff can tag all the medications with a unique RFID label before storing them in these lockers. The pre-approved staff then uses their ID badge to unlock the cabinet whenever retrieving the medicines. RFID smart lockers enable complete item traceability, such as who removed the item, what item was removed, and how many times the locker door opened.

School Nursing Supply Cabinets

controlled access prescription pickup storageEfficient storage isn’t limited to pharmacies. Nurses working in K-12 schools to provide valuable support and knowledge to students, teachers, and staff also need separate storage to hold their equipment and access essential medicine and supplies. With nursing supply cabinets, nurses can access the right tools at the right time and deliver quality service.

Nursing supply cabinets come with 360-degree storage so that it is possible to store supplies on all four sides of the cabinet. Two sides of the cabinet are accessible, and the other two remain closed to prevent unauthorized access. 

The shelves can accommodate different materials and objects ranging from personal items, office supplies, over-the-counter medications, and student records. The color-coded bins and high drawers with front-to-back dividers keep supplies accessible and separated. There is also a narcotics-grade security enclosure to lock high-value medications.

Invest in Modern Storage Solutions for Your Pharmacy 

Without an organized storage solution, you are likely slowing down your pharmacy. Cumbersome storage means that your staff will be wasting most of their time between the point of order and the point of medicine handover. Unorganized storage also wastes time exploring the ever-increasing inventory, making sense of all the medicines, and being extra careful about not picking the wrong medication. In contrast, a vertical carousel ensures that staff can choose the right drug and update the stock levels, all in one go. Space-saving pharmacy storage shelving and cabinets store more products in your pharmacy and allow your staff to retrieve them when needed quickly.

At Southwest Solutions Group, we offer assistance in selecting, designing, and installing modern storage solutions for pharmacies. Choose from our range of storage solutions and customize to your available storage space. 

For more information on modular pharmacy storage solutions, call us today at 1-866-446-3109 or send us a message to speak with one of our pharmacy storage specialists.


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