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Last updated: October 28, 2020

Pass-Thru Nurse Servers & Mobile Carts Improve Supply Management Efficiency

pass thru nurse patient server supply management cabinetsPass-thru nurse and patient server supply management cabinets and mobile carts provide an efficient solution to streamline the supply management and replenishment process and reduce inefficiencies. Built-in millwork nurse servers are used in many hospitals, but they often don't take into account the organizational needs of nurses and supply technicians. Because of this, valuable time is lost. With its configurable design and ease of use, the pass-thru nurse and patient server supply management cabinets allow replenishment and restocking without entering the patient's room, and mobile carts make transport quick and efficient. Click here to see more about the pass-thru nurse server supply management cabinets. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Complete Hospital Supply Restock & Rotate Solution

revit bim modelsThis "kitted" solution is constructed by the manufacturer and delivered to you ready to install. With pass-thru nurse and patient servers, the cabinet is placed into a cavity in each patient room. Custom sizes are also available to fit into existing spaces, which is especially useful if you want to replace your existing servers. Nurses or supply technicians access the supply management cabinet from the hospital corridor. The thru-wall construction and slide-out trays and bins allow the cabinet to be accessed from outside the room so as not to disturb the patient.

Since every hospital has different needs, the cabinets are easily customized with a wide variety of options, including full extension bi-directional trays, shelves, linen hampers, and locking medication drawers. When a patient is discharged, it's easy to remove the modular components and replace the cabinet with fully-stocked trays for the next patient. Patient server supply cabinets are also available as mobile carts for in-room applications.

Other key features include:nurse server patient supply management mobile carts leed

  • Pull-out interior baskets that tilt down for easy access and viewing on both corridor and patient room sides
  • Dual-directional pull-out shelves, hamper and locking medication drawer
  • UL Listed gaskets provide smoke and draft control
  • High-quality hardware, hinges, and pulls guarantee long-lasting use
  • Anti-microbial, OSHPD approved steel construction
  • Healthcare grade casters available
  • Cabinets are built to meet hospital LEED standards
  • Adjustable components allow easy customization
  • Custom sizes available to fit with your existing space
  • Cabinets can be equipped with key locks, keypad locks, or RFID readers to ensure the security of materials

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