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Last updated: October 28, 2020

Innovative Nurse Server Cabinets for Hospital Storage

hospital nurse server cabinets stocked outside in hallwayA local hospital was expanding and built a new wing. Part of this initiative was to provide better and more patient-focused care. So when the administrators were planning for the 40 new recovery rooms, they wanted to do something different with their storage. Southwest Solutions Group’s Craig Crock allowed them to do just that by designing and installing unique nurse server cabinets with keyless locks. The cabinets increased efficiencies, allowed nurses to spend more time with patients, and enhanced the security of stored items. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing.

Problems with Traditional PAR Storage Rooms

In most hospitals medical supplies that the patient needs are kept in PAR or utility storage rooms. Materials managers stock these rooms throughout the day, and nurses retrieve items from the rooms when the patients need them. What happens is that nurses are so overburdened with requests, that they take more supplies than they actually need or have to wander through multiple PAR rooms to find one item. And all the time spent retrieving items takes away from the time nurses could be spending on patient care. This also causes problems for materials managers because they don’t have accurate inventory counts for items.

How the Nurse Server Cabinets Work to Solve These Problems

The nurse server cabinets solve these problems by allowing materials managers to store medical supplies right at the point of need – in the patient rooms. The cabinets pull-out into the hallways, where materials staff can stock them with the required items. Then, when a nurse needs one of the items for the patient, they can reach into the cabinet in the patient room to retrieve it.

patient room nurse server cabinets with keyless locksPatients get their items faster, and nurses don’t have to waste time searching for medical supplies. Another added bonus of the nurse server cabinets is that less people are entering the patient rooms. Since items are stocked from the outside, there is no reason for any extra people to be in the room.

Special Keyless Locks for the Hospital’s Nurse Server Cabinets

As part of the project installing the nurse server cabinets for the hospital, Craig recommended the use of keyless locks. These specialized locks are installed on the cabinets in the hallway and in the patient rooms. The locks prevent authorized access to stored medical supplies. And the keyless feature makes it so that staff and nurses only need a simple code to unlock the cabinets instead of having the burden of keys that can get lost.

Overall Advantages of the Nurse Server Cabinets with Keyless Locks

Because the hospital used the nurse server cabinets to store medical supplies, they were able to build less PAR storage rooms and reduce the sizes of the ones they did build. Nurses are able to quickly access the supplies they need and spend more time with their patients. And materials managers have a more accurate supply count, which has reduced stock-outs and expired inventory. Finally, medical supplies are secured because of the keyless locks.

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