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secure automated cell phone & key storage

Computerized RFID wall mounted cell phone and key lockers are another type of biometric Matrix cabinet that provides highly secure storage for personal items and valuable assets. Like the freestanding Matrix security cabinets, these wall mounted cell phone and key lockers keep assets secure while allowing only authorized users to access them quickly and easily.

computerized wall mounted RFID cell phone key cabinet locker

computerized RFID lockers

The computerized RFID wall mounted cell phone and key lockers are constructed for an extremely slim design and configurable bin sizes. The unit is fully controlled by a dedicated PC, offering the highest level of security and management. To access items, users first identify themselves through fingerprint, RFID card, or username and password. Using the LED monitor, the user then chooses the item to be accessed; when the item is chosen, the bin containing the item will pop open, keeping all other items secured and restricted. The user then closes the drawer and scans the item over an RFID tracker. The whole process only takes about ten seconds.

Every transaction is documented on the LED screen and captured by a wireless camera. The system manager can control which items can be accessed, when, and for what purpose. Items can also be set up with a return time, so the system will send you and the user an alert if the item hasn't been checked back into the cabinet. The bins can also be reconfigured at any time, in case your storage needs change. The wall mounted design takes up very little space and makes it easy for users to view the LED screen, access items, and store them easily and efficiently. See more computerized cabinets and lockers.

rfid wall mounted biometric Matrix locker


  • Capacity: 66 phones, 198 keys
  • Configurable bin sizes (standard sizes: 5"x5", 15"x5", 15"x15", 15"x20")
  • Total size: 1,000 mm L x 660 H x 90 D
  • Weight: 79 lbs
  • High quality metal frame and ABS plastic bins
  • Power supply: 110AC +/- 10% or 220AC +/- 10%
  • Manual overwrite


  • Matrix Frame
  • 8.4" Panel PC (touch version)
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Biometric reader
  • Security video camera
  • Power supply cable

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