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Last updated: June 21, 2017

New Standards for Storing Works On Paper

works on paper solander case rack cabinet storage system archivalWorks on paper require careful and controlled storage in museums to prevent deterioration and damage. The new standard in museums for storing works on paper utilizes Solander cases on archival storage racks, cabinets, or shelves.

Storing works on paper requires proper protection from fluctuating temperatures, light, dust, contaminates, and acid that can deteriorate materials quickly. Museums have now started implementing Solander cases as standard long-term paper storage since the acid-free, buffered interior easily protects against all of these factors in addition to being aesthetically pleasing for presentation.

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Storage Methods for Preserving Paper

Other storage solutions include interleaving and mats. Works on paper can be interleaved with acid-free tissue or heavier acid-free paper for larger pieces that may not fit into Solander cases. Works can also be matted individually, with acid-free tissue or lightweight paper placed between the image and window mat. For flat storage, matted works can be cut to standard sizes and placed in boxes or archival storage racks, cabinets, or shelves for protection.

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To reduce the risk of deterioration, paper works need to be housed in a clean, dust-free environment with good housekeeping practices to eliminate dust, dirt, insects, and rodents that can damage or destroy stored material.

Horizontal steel shelving is ideal for storing Solander cases, Hollinger boxes, and other materials used to store works on paper. Stacking should be kept to a minimum. Map cabinets and shallow drawers can also be used for oversized works or works in folders.

Archival storage racks, cabinets, and shelves are available for efficient and proper storage of Solander cases, Hollinger boxes, and other archival storage boxes. Shelving units are available in:

  • Widths: 36", 42", 48" wide
  • Depths: 30" & 36" deep
  • Heights: 76.25" & 88.25" tall

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