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Last updated: July 17, 2017

High Density Shelving for Archives & Artwork

A museum needed a solution for storing its archive collection that included framed paintings, historical documents, artifacts, books and much more. The current area the museum used was running out of space and the collection was difficult to access. Artwork racking and high density shelving were chosen to house the archive collection. By using these systems, the museum was able to get better organized while making better use of their space.

museum artwork racking storing paintings

Why the Museum Needed a New Solution for the Archive Collection

Previously, the collection was stored in the basement of an office tower. The space wasn’t doing any favors for the collection. So to prevent any damage and to create easier access to the stored pieces, relocation to a lower-risk environment was necessary. The museum was able to find the space, but then they faced an additional challenge. The new space was actually smaller than the area in the basement.

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high density shelving protects the archive collectionBecause both the artwork racking and high density shelving occupy a smaller footprint than traditional stationary storage systems, they were the right choice for the museum. And space wasn’t the only benefit of the artwork racking and high density shelving.

Advantages of the Artwork Racking and High Density Shelving

The artwork racking was designed to accommodate paintings that varied in sizes from 12” x 12” to 6’ x 8’. Because each piece of art now hangs clearly in the racking, visibility is greatly improved. This has helped staff when selecting pieces for display and for tracking inventory.

The remainder of the archive collection was stored in the high density shelving. And to offer additional security, the shelving was outfitted with a locking audit trail touchpad. The shelving also includes a water diversion kit with rubber gaskets that cover the front panel gap between carriages. This is to prevent any water from leaking into the high density shelving while it’s in a closed position.

The artwork racking and high density shelving have not only helped with organization of the museum’s archive collection into a smaller space, but have helped keep it safe from damage.

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