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Mechanical-Assist Nested Art Racks

mechanical assist art racks store museum collections in less spaceMechanical-assist nested art racks were designed as an engineered-to-order (ETO) solution to store museum collections in less space while still remaining safe and secure. The art racks were designed and engineered specifically to combine various ETO components into one art rack system to meet the art museum's specific requirements for storing their priceless art. Keep reading for more details about this efficient, space saving, and affordable art storage solution.

Space-Saving, Secure Art Storage

The mechanical-assist nested art racks get their name by utilizing an offset rail configuration that allows the racks to be "nested" together into one compact area when not in use. This reduces the centerline distance from rack to rack while allowing an 8 ½" clear opening to be maintained between the panels for the artwork to be visible. In the already small space of the art storage area, the shorter centerline distance ensured that the existing space was maximized without the need for expansion.

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The vertical diamond-perforated screens for the nested art racks were constructed of 12 gauge steel for weight and deflection support. The 12 gauge punched perforated steel allows the art museum to store any additional works at a heavier weight. A thick metal end panel is utilized on the front and rear of each carriage. An additional half-height panel on the front of the carriage accommodates the mechanical-assist functionality.engineered to order ETO mechanical assist nested art racks

To ensure smooth and easy movement, the mechanical-assist nested art racks were designed with roller guide guidance. An in-rail anti-tip was utilized instead of an overhead anti-tip to provide the necessary stability for the system. As an added caution, each art rack was equipped with water deflector shields.

To access stored artwork, users simply need to turn the three-spoke ergonomic crank with minimal force to access aisles and the artwork being stored. This allows the museum to store more priceless artwork safely and in less space than conventional art racks.

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