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Last updated: January 30, 2017

High-Density Mobile Art Panels preserve artworks authenticity

high density mobile art panelsPreserve the authenticity of valuable works of art by mounting them to high-density mobile art panels. With these artwork storage racks on tracks, pieces can be easily suspended to enhance visibility. In addition, existing collections can be more easily transported to make room for new works without expanding your building's footprint. Adopting this kind of collection care also protects rare, priceless works from damage and deterioration caused by improper handling. Click here to watch a video on high-density mobile art panels.


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How Artwork Storage Racks on Tracks Conserve Floor Space

High-density mobile art panels are a viable solution for museums, library, historical sites and art galleries looking to conserve floor space. These artwork storage racks on tracks help the panels slide back and forth in one fluid motion, making it easier to store and catalogue inventory. This brand of high density mobile art panels is also designed to compact. It serves as an inexpensive and more efficient way to free up valuable exhibit space and maximize floor capacity in order to be able to display additional works of art including photographs, paintings, and framed artwork. Click here for more on artwork storage racks on tracks.

Store artwork in one secure, centralized location

artwork storage racks on tracksThe compactibility feature available with these high-density mobile art panels allows for objects to be stored in one centralized location, which helps to monitor the whereabouts of a collection and minimizes the threat of decomposition due to outside exposure or incorrect care. Since these high-density mobile art panels can be configured to house artwork of various shapes and sizes, it is a cost effective way to ensure that pieces, especially those considered to be a rare commodity, are safely and securely stored. Having the option to mount or suspend works also provides viewers with a clearer picture of what they are looking at, helping them to develop a better appreciation for it.

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