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Cubby Framed Artwork Shelving

cubby shelving and cabinet racking storage systems Paintings and prints are fragile and must be handled with care when put in storage. Due to their awkward shape and size, however, coming up with a proper storage method can be quite a challenge for curators of museums and art galleries. Well, consider your storage problem solved. With cubby framed artwork shelving and unframed art storage racks, the guess work of how best to store works of art is eliminated.This is because these freestanding units are made just for that purpose. Open backs allow proper air circulation to reach artwork, while the sides and top are closed to prevent exposure to light. This helps to keep the threat of deterioration at bay. It also ensures the state of inventory is well preserved and kept in pristine condition. In addition, rods made of steel allow for paintings to be kept separate, yet organized while stored in close proximity to one another for improved efficiency when managing inventory. We also offer high capacity mobile shelving for storing museum artwork, in addition to cubby framed artwork shelving

Why cubby framed artwork shelving & racks are worth investing in

Assembly can be done on your own. This fact, in and of itself, is what makes these cubby framed artwork shelving and storage racks for unframed art a cost effective, worthwhile investment. Other reasons why these systems might be worth considering when searching for adequate art storage include the fact that the rods effectively hold paintings and prints of every shape and size in place, minimizing damage due to excessive movement. Adjustable shelving also helps to make the process of arranging pieces hassle free. In addition, these shelving and storage rack systems are covered in a textured powder coat finish to help safeguard the integrity of art stored there.

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Artwork shelving & Art Storage Racks Protect Valuable Paintings

for unframed and framed artwork Accessibility will be much improved by using these artwork shelving and art storage racks for unframed and framed artwork. This is because pieces will be centrally located and stored in an orderly fashion. Museum curators and gallery owners won't have to resort to sorting through various collections to find what they're looking for. Items are made readily available for quick and easy retrieval. In addition, valuable pieces will be securely stored away from the floor, freeing up space for more productive uses.

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