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military museum art storage

art rack shelves support heavy framed artworkArt rack shelves are a recent engineered-to-order (ETO) solution for supporting heavy framed artwork in a military history museum. The military history museum, responsible for 15,000 works of military art, needed a long-term storage solution that would effectively support the weight of large, heavy hanging framed art pieces more efficiently and safely than their previous storage system.

specialized art rack shelves

The military history museum is responsible for managing a system of 120 army museums and their holdings, which includes 15,000 works of military art. Due to the heavy weight of the framed artwork pieces, the museum needed more than one or two wire hooks to safely support the artwork while hanging. The art rack shelves were specially designed and engineered to support the weight of the museum's large and heavy framed pieces of artwork safely and securely.

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To properly store the heavy framed artwork, the art rack shelves were designed to hook onto and hang from the wire mesh panels of the museum's existing slide-out art racks. The shelf supports the heavy art pieces by dispersing the weight over the width of the shelf evenly. Hooks are still used as an added support to ensure that the artwork is secure on the the wire rack panels.

art rack shelves on wire pull-out art racks

Modifications were made during the prototype design and engineering process to ensure the depth, length, shelf lip, paint finish, and hooks of the art rack shelves met all of the military history museum's exact requirements. The modified prototype was tested to ensure the final engineered solution met the museum's needs exactly before the entire order was fulfilled. By the collaborative efforts of the end user and the product engineers, the museum was able to develop a safe storage solution tailored specifically to their needs.

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