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Save Floor Space in Your Tire Center Store or Dealership with Tire Storage Lifts

tire storage lifts organize tires and keep tires off the floor

There are several problems with storing tires in car dealerships and tire stores; they take up a significant amount of floor space, you have to leave your work area to find the tires you need, and stacked tires offer no selectivity. Tire Storage Lifts provide efficient solutions to the hassles of storing tires in your facility. Tire Storage Lifts are simple and easy to use. They mount into your ceiling in between your hydraulic car lift equipment. With the push of a button, tires come down to the worker, right where they are needed. And they can be raised back up overhead just as easily. The Tire Storage Lifts are simple, strong and reliable. And with tires stored overhead, you can save a massive amount of floor space. (view images of Tire Storage Lifts)

Additional Benefits Provided By the Tire Storage Lifts

In addition to saving space, the Tire Storage Lifts allow you to save time. No more wasted trips running to the backrooms to find the right tires, then having to unstack, lift, carry and roll tires down the stairs, through the building, over the hoses and around the cars to get them to your work area. With Tire Storage Lifts, you can put your hands on the tire you need quickly while staying focused on your business. (See videos see videos)

raise tires overhead with the tire storage lifts to save floor spaceThe Tire Storage Lift organizes tires on a double tier rack for 100% selectivity and easy access. Inventorying tires is easy using Tires Storage Lifts, just lower the tire rack and count. With Tire Storage Lifts, you can double or triple the amount of tires you can store in your work area.

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