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Last updated: March 05, 2015

An Innovative Space Saving Storage Solutionoverhead vertical storage system for storerooms using ceiling space for storage

The problem with most storage systems is that it doesn’t extend all the way up to your storeroom’s ceiling, wasting all of that vertical space you pay for. Even if your storage system did extend to the ceiling, you would need a very tall ladder to reach the stored items. The rolling shelf unit is an overhead vertical storage system that is an innovative storage solution for taking advantage of overhead space in your storeroom while keeping people and items safe and secure.

How Does the Rolling Shelf Unit Work?

The rolling shelf unit is just like your typical shelving, but with wheels on the bottom so it can be moved anywhere in your storeroom. A lifting mechanism is mounted to your ceiling locks onto the rolling shelf unit and lifts it overhead with the simple push of a button. Pushing the button again brings the stored items down to you.

What Can You Store in the Rolling Shelf Unit?

You can store a variety of items in the rolling shelf unit, including:rolling shelf unit is used for overhead vertical storage

  • linens, clothing, shoes
  • record boxes, totes
  • seasonal items
  • police evidence
  • tools, parts

This is just a small fraction of what you can store.

Benefits to Using Overhead Vertical Storage

Using overhead vertical storage you gain more than just floor space:

  • No more climbing and no more ladder injuries or dropped goods.
  • Your goods are safe, clean, and out of the way until needed.
  • Moving inventory is a breeze because the shelving is on wheels.
  • The lift mounts can be installed to your ceiling in just a couple of hours.
  • Your existing shelving stays right where it and mobile units lower into open areas or aisles.
  • You can just about double your storage without a remodel.

Features of the Rolling Shelf Unitrolling shelf unit size specifications

  • Redundant Security Safety Cabling and Safety Bar
  • Open Access to Both Sides of Rolling Shelf Unit
  • Welded Mesh is Secured to Heavy Duty Welded Steel Tubing
  • Snap Lock Quick-Release
  • Snap On Security Webbing Lifts 3,200 Pounds
  • Durable Powder Coated Paint
  • Smooth Rolling Casters

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