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Last updated: June 19, 2020

Storing Clothing Overhead

overhead ceiling wall mounted automatic clothing liftsHaving more clothing on hand is beneficial for your business, but storing these items can take up a lot of extra space and cause headaches with organization and retrieval. Instead of using warehouse or sales floor space for storing extra garments, overhead ceiling and wall mounted automatic clothing lifts provide hanging garment storage without taking up your valuable space. These lifts also allow you to prevent theft or damage while improving your organization for easy retrieval by employees. Click here to watch another video showing how the overhead ceiling clothing lifts work.

Using Wall & Ceiling Space for Extra Storage

In your retail store or warehouse, you're paying for a ton of space you could be using. The automatic clothing lifts allow you to take advantage of previously inaccessible open ceiling and wall space so you can truly optimize your storage. (See videos see videos)

hanging garment storage wall mounted liftsIn addition to wasted space, garments stored on conventional racks can easily get dropped, dirty, misplaced, or stolen whenever they are moved. If you're struggling to fit all of your garments into a small space, it's more difficult for employees to find what they need quickly and inventory can be difficult to account for. Garments that require ladders to retrieve also increase the risk of injury.

The ceiling or wall mounted automatic clothing lifts immediately free up your floor area for other uses while keeping hanging garments organized and stored securely. To retrieve the garments, users simply push a button and the lifts are automatically brought down to floor level at an ergonomic height. Since the units are modular, you can also add additional lifts at any time as your needs change. Keeping your garments stored overhead also protects them from pilferage and theft while leaving your aisles open and clear.

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