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Last updated: October 26, 2020

Innovative Automated Overhead Platform Lifts for Optimizing Retail Storage Spaceceiling mounted automated overhead platform lifts for retail businesses

If you are looking to optimize your retail storage space, we have the perfect solution – Automated Overhead Platform Lifts. These platform lifts will keep slow-moving and seasonal items out of the way so that you can free up floor space to perform your daily routine. By keeping infrequently used stored items up overhead, you will free up your storage floor space for faster-moving, revenue-generating items. There are two types of Automated Overhead Platform Lifts for retail storage space: the first type mounts to the ceiling and the second type mounts to the wall. (See videos see videos)

Ceiling Mounted Automated Overhead Platform Lifts

The ceiling-mounted Automated Overhead Platform Lifts are best suited for larger retail items. To use, simply place retail items onto the platforms and then push a button to raise the items up and out of the way. These platform lifts are perfect for items like holiday decorations that are only used once a year. When you need the retail items, they come down with the push of a button. Using Automated Overhead Platform Lifts will maximize your storage space efficiency in your building.

optimize storage space with automated overhead platform lifts mounted on wallsWall Mounted Automated Overhead Platform Lifts

The wall-mounted Automated Overhead Platform Lifts attach to the building wall above your retail storage shelving to maximize storage space. The wall-mounted Automated Overhead Platform Lifts work just like the ceiling-mounted platforms, except the units are mounted to the wall. To raise and lower the platforms, simply push a button and the platform lift moves the stored retail items down for loading and up for storage.

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