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Last updated: August 08, 2018

Spacesaver® Goes Green With GREENGUARD® Certified Storage Products

Are you aware of all the innovative storage products Spacesaver® has to offer? Well if you are, did you also know that Spacesaver has become GREENGUARD® Certified? That’s right; Southwest Solutions Group now offers Spacesaver GREENGUARD Certified storage products in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee. These Spacesaver storage products will help contribute towards your LEED Certification, and even if you’re not looking for certification you can still help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint by 50% with Spacesaver innovative storage products.

Which Spacesaver Storage Products are GREENGUARD Certified?

Here are just a few of the many storage products offered by Spacesaver that are GREENGUARD Certified. An additional benefit to these products is that they will save you floor space and increase productivity.

Southwest Solutions Helps Companies in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee Go Green

Southwest Solutions Group has offices located in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Little Rock, and Memphis to serve your environmentally-friendly storage and organization needs with Spacesaver products. Call us today at 800-803-1083 and let us help you design an eco-friendly storage system with GREENGUARD certified products.

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