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Last updated: October 29, 2018

Better Allocate Resources for Hoteling Employees with Software Driven Wood Lockers

All types of large businesses are employing the practice of hoteling where traveling employees are provided a temporary desk or workstation at the office. This practice has allowed companies to better allocate resources when contrasting new buildings; however, even though there are less desks and workstations that need to be added to a building, there is still the issue of where the employees are going to store their personal and work related belongings.

wood lockers with keyless software provides audit trail

keyless lock designed for lockers and hoteling

Our solution is Software Driven Wood Lockers. These lockers are perfect for companies with employees that need a temporary yet secure and convenient solution for their items. The Software Driven Wood Lockers are also able to provide an audit trail so that management knows when the lockers are in use and who has been using them.

Features of the Software Driven Wood Lockers

The Software Driven Wood Lockers combine the elegant look and excellent functionality of traditional wood lockers with the security and ease of keyless computerized locks. The lockers themselves can be made in any size with any accessories or design features you like. For example, you can have small cubby size lockers intermixed with large full size lockers. This way one person can store a tablet while another person can store hanging clothes.

As far as the lock itself, there are also many options available including:coin operated keyless lock for software driven wood lockers

  • A lock that uses proximity media like an RFID card, bracelet, or key fob. The lock can be programmed so that it can be assigned to a single user, be freely available to anyone or be designated to a defined user group.
  • A keypad lock that uses a 4-digit code. The user can enter their own code or it can be set by management and assigned for a designated person and time. If the code is forgotten or management needs access, there is either a wireless controller or bypass key available.
  • A lock that is coin operated. This works by placing a coin in the lock that activates the locker; it works like a deposit because users have to enter a coin before they can enter a code.

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